PAN 12/8+


Come be part of a world premiere musical performance created by Project& happening a The Kitchen in Manahttan on March 2 and 3, 2018.

You don’t have to be a great singer or dancer or musician, you just have to be excited to learn – our artistic team will teach you everything you need to know. You also have to commit to a few rehearsals in December, January, and February before the big performance in March.

PAN is Produced by Project& and Jane M. Saks, composed by Marcos Balter, directed by Douglas Fitch, with sound design by Levy, Lorenzo. PAN is core to Project&’s vision of creating models of equitable cultural participation with social impact.

If interested, please send an email to or just show up for our first rehearsal prep meeting on Dec. 8 from 3-5

at Riseboro Youth Center at 1474 Gates Avenue in Brooklyn.

There will also be a rehearsal on Dec. 9 from 9-5 (lunch and snacks provided).

PAN is a new 90-minute work for solo-flutist, live electronics and a large ensemble of players from the community in which it is staged. Conceived and created collaboratively by the composer Marcos Balter, the flutist Claire Chase, the director Douglas Fitch, and the creative producer Jane M. Saks, PAN is a participatory performance piece, operatic in scale, in which communities’ involvement in the artistic process plays a crucial role in the work’s incarnation, development, production, and dissemination. PAN’s model is part of the core mission and vision of Project&, which creates new models of cultural participation with social impact. It is also a 2017 commission of Claire Chase’s Density 2036 project, a 23-year initiative to commission a new body of repertory for the solo flute in collaboration with leading composers and artists of her generation.

While the solo flute part is scored for a virtuoso flutist, the “ensemble” parts are written in ways that can yield precise and complex musical results and yet remain fully understandable to non-musicians, thus requiring no previous musical training from participants. A kind of 21st century, crowd-sourced Greek chorus results, with performers stationed in and amongst the audience, singing and playing ocarinas, triangles, bamboo and metal chimes, and tuned wine glasses and bottles. The music and the piece are taught to the participants in a series of workshops and interactions that create an opportunity for connection among the community and between all the participants including the creative team leading up to the performance so that both the process and the result have as great an impact as possible on everyone involved.