Mid-November Mailing

November 15, 2017

Dear TU Community,

Just as each of us creates action plans to meet our goals as individuals within our school, each school creates action plans to meet our goals as communities within our district. TU is a proud member of the Manhattan High Schools District, and the District has made a commitment in 2017-2018 to disrupt equity and improve learning. The commitment TU has made is described by our Theory of Action: If we strengthen the capacity of faculty and staff to use formative data in instructional design, curriculum planning, holistic enrichment, and relationship building, then the full diversity of learners will be engaged in achieving intellectual promise. Since July, TU faculty and staff have been examining how we can strengthen deliberate pedagogical decisions and provide each member of our community the resources needed to be successful. Faculty and staff have been working together in a diversity of configurations to ensure that positive, impactful instruction and interactions are at the core of the TU experience.

We would like to take a moment to share more about the work of every TU administrator, teacher, and support staff on building relationships. We opened the school year discussing Dr. Haim Ginott’s principles of congruent communication. In difficult situations, we practice creating a supportive environment through validating the feelings and acknowledging the experiences of young people. On Election Day, we examined the implicit and explicit, conscious and unconscious biases we bring to our school community. Using Glenn Singleton’s courageous conversations protocol, we began dialogues about racial disparities that our community lives with and breathes every day.

This work we are doing to invest in relationships makes us pause. This work makes us rethink the way we teach. This work makes us reflect upon the way we share and exchange ideas. We are humbled and proud of our colleagues’ openness and willingness to engage in personal, authentic, and difficult experiences, so that we can support equity at TU for all of our families.

TU students are constantly looking for ways to do more, learn more, and laugh more together. It is no surprise then that we have a range of clubs after school for students to explore their interests outside of an academic context. On the reverse side of this letter is a directory of the clubs that are active this year.

In December the curtain will rise on several productions that are deep in rehearsals. Tickets do sell out! Reserve your ticket today from Parent Coordinator Ms. Sanchez lsanchez@schools.nyc.gov

  • December 6-9 Junior/Senior Musical Production of Thoroughly Modern Millie
  • December 12-15 Junior Drama Production of No Child
  • December 21 Dance/Instrumental Music Collaboration of Holiday Show



Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos, Principal

Bridget Kiernan, Assistant Principal, I.A.

Jason Rann, Assistant Principal I.A.



Club Directory

Nov/Dec Events Calendar