The Best Way to Learn About College is to Visit Campuses


Visiting a college campus helps students and families learn about college life. College campus visits can help determine specific characteristics of the college that make it a great fit or not a good match. College campus visits are scheduled bi-monthly during the school year and weekly during the summer. Thanks to the generosity of our Parent Teacher Association and Community-Based Organization partners, all associated costs, including transportation and meals, are subsidized. College trips are open to all students, with priority given to upperclassmen.

Make the Most of Your College Campus Visit

Some questions Michigan State University recommends that you ask:

What are the application deadlines for admission?
What is the average high school GPA of the entering freshman class?
Is the ACT or SAT required?
Do you accept Advanced Placement courses (or IB credits)?
When must I choose a major?
Do you offer early decision or early admission?
What if I don’t meet the admissions requirements?
Will you accept transfer credits?
How easy is it for freshmen to get classes?
What’s the largest class on campus? The smallest?
What are the most popular majors? Do you have those in which I am interested?
Do you have to declare a major when you apply?
What types of internships are available?
Are there study abroad opportunities?
How do you assign faculty advisors to students, especially those who are undecided about their majors?
What is the student to faculty ratio?
What additional academic services are offered to students (tutoring, career counseling, study skills workshops)?
When is the priority deadline for financial aid applications?
What kind of financial aid is available?
How many students received financial aid?
What types of scholarships are available?
What types of extra-curricular activities are there on campus?
What athletic events are popular on campus?
Are there fraternities and sororities? How strong are they on campus?
Is there transportation on and off campus? Is it easy to get to town and/or home?
What is the climate during the school year?
How are your town/gown (community and campus) relations?
What do students do in their free time?
Are students required to live on campus?
Is housing guaranteed? For how long?
How are roommates selected?
How does the meal plan work?

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